Explanation of Riyadus-Saliheen chapter on humility and lowering one's wings to the believer

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An- Nawawi (May Allah have mercy upon him) said in the book Riyaadh As Saliheen, in the chapter "Humility and lowering ones wing to the believers: Humility is the opposite of SelF exaltation. Humility is that one does not elevate or exalt himself over others by way of his knowicage. lineage, wealth, status, leaderslup. governorship, and so on. Instead, it is obligatory to lower one's winz to the believers. He should exhibit kindness to them just as the most honorable of creation and lofty amongst them before Alläh, the Messenger of Allah (May Allah clevate his rank & grant him peace), used to exhibit kindness to the believers, to the point, that a young girl woukd grab him by the hand and Take him wherever she wanted. He would tulall her need for her. Allah the Sublime says. *And be Kind and humble to the believers." Surah at 111r 1588) And in another verse, aah sa the believers who follow you." (Surah ash-Shuaraa 26215] and lower yourming, Mcanine be humble Thearrosane and naughty person thinks of himselfas a bird Sparing in the air. So he is commanded to lower his wing and come down to the betievers who follow the Prophet (May Allah Elevate his rank ee grant rim peacel. It is knowa that one is not to lower one's wine to the disbeliever Instead, one must be elevated above the disbeliever and exalted above him. placing himsell in a position above him. Chang to the Statement of Allah (At-Tawbid), and the Statement of Alah is superior lih sai in his descriptionol the Krophet (May Alahcievatehis cak & grn Junt peace) and his companions, They are severe against disbclicicrs, and merciful among themselves."




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