Explanation of The Hadith

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Shaykh Abdur Razzaq
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Şahih al-Bukhari and Muslim authentically report the Hadith of Mu'awiyah () in which the Prophet (صل الله عليمي)said
"When Allah wants good for a person He bestows on him Figh of the Religion."
This tremendous demonstrates clearly the great status of Figh in the Religion. The person who busies himself with this great matter and has taken significant concem for it is among the signs that Allah (سبحانه وتعال ) wants good for his servant.
Allah wanting as mentioned in the Hadith refers to His divine decree and universal will,
"When Allah wants good for a person."
Meaning, through Allah's universal and divine decree He grants his servant Fiqh, causes the servant to find pleasure in being busy with learning the Religion.
The word, "good" is mentioned in an indefinite form (in Arabic) to attach a level of importance and clarify the abundance of good to whomever Allah (سبحانه وقال) bestows Fiqh of the religion which by it is a means for one's victory and success. The servant finding happiness in having Figh of the religion, devoting oneself to it, regularly attending the sittings of knowledge, being delighted with reading the books from the people of knowledge, also studying and memorizing is among the signs of good for the servant,
The servant should set aside a portion of his day for seeking knowledge. An avenue in which he acquires knowledge is that he doesn't let a day pass by without obtaining it. Doing this should be among the objectives that the Muslim strives for daily and is serious about acquiring beneficial knowledge. Rather this is the mo most significant objective the Muslim seeks and strives for its obtainment.

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