From MTV to Mecca( How Islam Inspired My Life)

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Kristiane Backer
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From MTV to Mecca( How Islam Inspired My Life)

This book recalls the journey of a woman, Kristiane Backer, who encountered Islam when she was a presenter with MTV. Hers was a world that had no association with religion, was disconnected from Christianity and Islam, far from any kind of spirituality. A world of entertainment, music and pop videos, acting as distraction in our lives, sometimes making us forget the true meaning of life. Whilst Kristiane was working at MTV she began a personal quest, which she describes in her book: howduring her travels across the globe, she came across different people who believed in God, and it is these conversations and experiences that her own spiritual journey towards God graduallybegan to unfold.Throughout the book three important dimensions become apparent in the development ofKristiane’s personal relationship with God. The first is when she moves her focus away from theentertainment industry, where it is easy to forget about one’s self, and instead she begins to considerthe true meaning of what it is to be a human being. Kristiane knew of physical and emotional love,however, when she discovered the very essence of spirituality, she found a higher love, somethingbeyond human love – the love of the Creator. Consequently she recognises the second dimension, thequest for and the real essence of life – not only what it means to be a human being, but how each of usmust deal with our own life, heart and mind. Kristiane began this journey asking questions, and alongthe way found new answers about how she might live a more fulfilled, contented and giving life. Andfinally the third dimension, whereby in returning to God, to the meaning, content and substance of life,and acknowledging the ethical teachings of our faith, one can experience a whole new beginning, startlife again, with new love, new responsibility and new objective

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