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The Gift Pack for Men includes the following 9 books:

  1. Explanation of Important Lessons ( For Every Muslim) by Abdul Aziz Bin Abdullah Biz Baaz
  2. Indispensable Implication of Sunnah & Caution Against Innovation by Abdul Aziz Bin Abdullah bin Baz
  3. At-Tawassul (using a Means to Seek Allah's Help) by Abdul Malik Mujahid
  4. An Important Warning Against Ribaa by Shaikh Abdul-Aziz bin Abdullah bin Baz
  5. The Book of Ibns (The Amazing Sons of Islam) by Luqman Nagy
  6. Description of the Prophets Prayer by Imam Muhammad Nasir Al-Din al-Albani
  7. Muhammad(PBUH) for the Global Village by Dr Muhammad al Haashimi al Haamidi
  8. The Rules on Those who Seek Help In Other Than Allah by Abdul Aziz Bin Abdullah Bin Baz
  9. Principles for Understanding the Sirah by Shaykh Salih Al ush Shaykh

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