How Can You Become A Key Towards Good

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Shaykh Abdul Razzaq
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Certainly, every Muslim who is eager and concerned about the happiness and prosperity of his soul in this life and the next, when he hears this narration of Anas ibn Mälik, may Allah be pleased with him. The likes of it from the prophetic traditions which indicate what it entails, there is no doubt that his heart will be moved with yearning and ambition.
and his soul will shake with a desire to be from amongst the keys of good and not from the keys of evil. Without a doubt, this is the desire of every Muslim.
There is not a Muslim except that he loves for himself to be a key to good and not a key to evil. He loves that he should be from the people of Toobaa, i.e., Paradise, and not from the people of Wayl, which is the severe torment and exemplary punishment that Allaah, blessed, and High has prepared for the keys of evil and locks to good.
When the soul craves for this and desires it, i.e., Being a key to good, it becomes imperative to fight and strive against it to actualize the means and execute its objectives and goals so that the person will become a key to good and lock to evil in truth, action, and implementation. Mere hopes and wishes are not sufficient.
Rather the reality of the matter must be understood, and there must be perfection and completion along with seeking the assistance of Allah and consultation of Him شيعة وعان Beginning with the subject at hand, which is:
"How can you be a key towards good?"
The speech concerning this weighty and extremely important question that we need will be answered in the following, points. Perhaps it will gather its different sections and vital issues, I'll mention them in order one after the other.

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