Islam for Teenagers

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Abu Zayd Kamran Ali
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Islam for Teenagers (28096)

A simple guide explaining common issues faced by teenage Muslims. This book covers a wide range of challenges that Muslim adolescents face as they develop. Teenage brains work differently than adults when they make decisions or face problems. Their actions are guided more by the emotional & reactive process and less by the thoughtful & reasonable way of solving problems.

Topics covered:

2.Backbiting & Slandering
3.Beard & Haircuts
5.Clothing & Accessories
6.Companions & Friends
7.Cursing & Swearing
8.Drawing & Photography
9.Drug & Alcohol
10.Free Mixing
11.Games & Sports
12.How To Treat Your Parents
13.Imitating the Kuffaar (Disbelievers)
14.Lowering The Gaze
15.Manners & Character
17.Recitation & Memorization
18.Respect Your Elders
20.Singing, Music & Dancing
22.Social Media
26.Violent Behavior

Product Reviews

  • 5

    Excellent book for teenagers

    H on Nov 20th 2022

    Highly recommend for authentic content for teenagers to get guidance from

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