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Islam The Misunderstood Religion
Islam The Misunderstood Religion

SKU:9782987458432 Pages:275 Size cm: 16x21 Binding: Soft cover Weight: 450.0000 mg Author: Muhammad Qutb Publisher: IIPH Shelf Location:03A


Product Description

Islam The Misunderstood Religion


The Majority of the modern " Educated " people are today faced a religious crisis. Is religion really a fact of life ? it might have been one in the Past,but does it still remain so i the world of today when science has changed the whole course of life, and when there is no place in it for anything save science and what scientific facts approve of ? does religion represent a genuine need of humanity ? Or is it something wholly Dependent upon the temperamental constitution of an individual so that one may not believe in it as there is no difference between the two states of belief and unbelief ?

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