Maqdis B5 Medium Al Quran Al Kareem Word-by-Word Translation Colour Coded Tajweed Red

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Al-Quran Word by Word (Maqdis)
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Maqdis B5 Medium Al Quran Al Kareem Word-by-Word Translation Colour Coded Tajweed Red 

If you are looking for a Quran with Arabic-English word-for-word translation , in Rasm Uthmani Script, with color coded tajweed, all-in-one volume, at an excellent price, then look no further. 

Every word in this beautiful Quran was translated so that readers can understand every single word or phrase.

It needs to be remembered that not all literal translation represents the exact meaning of the word since the Quran uses varied Arabic language style and sometimes metaphor. To understand the full meaning of the word or the verse , Muhammad Muhsin Khan's The Holy Quran translation which was approved the University of Madinah, was included on the side. However, to comprehend more of the meaning of the Quran, reading the commentary of the Quran from trusted scholars would be necessary.

Approved by the Department of Islamic Development of Malaysia (JAKIM) and Malaysian Ministry of Home Affairs (KDN)

Beautiful hardcover design. Pictures do not do justice.

Well laid-out, easy and extremely beneficial, this mushaf is a must have for everyone or every home.

Makes an excellent gift


● Rasm Uthmani script in English

● Word-by-word translation Arabic-English

● Colour coded tajweed


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24 Reviews

  • 5
    Amazing Quran translation!

    Posted by Sumi Mohammed on Jul 4th 2021

    I love this mushaf, it has each Arabic word translated exactly beneath the text and is so easy to read. The seller Darussalam is also excellent. JazakAllah khair

  • 5
    Al Quran Al Karim

    Posted by Altaf Shamsuddin on May 21st 2021

    Extremely proud to own this copy of Quran with tajweed rules and colour coded. Easy to read and memorize. May Allah bless those who gave their time and efforts to produce.

  • 5
    A must buy!

    Posted by Uzmha Bi on Mar 10th 2021

    This Quran is an absolute must, it has made arabic reading easier! A perfect gift. The customer service was amazing and delivered by DHL super fast.

  • 5
    Quality Print

    Posted by Rizwan on Feb 20th 2021

    I have never opened a word to word translation of the Qur’an that has footnotes of Tajweed and meanings. So in love with this book. Masha Allah beautiful cover.

  • 5
    Maqdis Quran Al Kareem

    Posted by Hudzii on Jan 28th 2021

    Finally got my hands on this Quran it’s extremely beautiful and it has helped me a lot with reading, the translation is so beneficial it has waqf rulings as well and I would definitely recommend this beautiful Quran Al kareem to all those people who wants to seek knowledge and understand the Quran

  • 5

    Posted by Kadiatou on Jan 22nd 2021

    The best Quran, to redd and i understand better now

  • 5
    Al Quran al Karim

    Posted by Zahra on Jan 21st 2021

    This Quran is so beautiful and it has helped me a lot with reading, the translation is so beneficial and I would 100% recommend this beautiful Quran

  • 5
    The Nobel Quran

    Posted by Nada on Jan 19th 2021

    Very good, love the font and size. A lot of useful information.

  • 5

    Posted by Neveene Razik on Jan 17th 2021

    Such a beautiful book with so many different aspects

  • 5
    Translation and tajweed quran

    Posted by Halimah John on Jan 17th 2021

    One of the best Quran, may Allah bless them for making such an amazing quran. To receive knowledge from.

  • 5
    Highly Recommend

    Posted by HUMERA AHMED on Jan 15th 2021

    I saw this on someone's TikTok and glad I did not sure if that person would ever see this but if you do then thank you for putting this across, I ended up purchasing this beautiful Quran. Very hard to find translations and this one is just perfect. This has everything and a guide how to read correctly. Excellent customer service highlight recommend.

  • 5

    Posted by Muriam on Jan 15th 2021

    I purchased this for my niece as a gift as she’s beginning to read the Quran. It is a beautiful easy to read print and she is very happy. I purchased another for myself. Highly recommend!

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