Noor Kids

Noor Kids: My Country, My People

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Art Director:
Annie Idris
Soft Cover
Size cm:
17x20 cm
Noor Kids
  • Noor Kids: My Country, My People (21498)
  • Noor Kids: My Country, My People (21498)
  • Noor Kids: My Country, My People (21498)
  • Noor Kids: My Country, My People (21498)


My country, My people
First, we are encouraged to be kind and considerate to our neighbours, regardless of whether they are Muslim or not, and even if they are not nice to us. We may encounter unfriendly neighbours or those who discriminate us due to misconceptions they might have about Islam or Muslims. Even in these trials, we are reminded by Prophet Muhammad’s (SAW) example to be patient and steadfast. Preserving in our practice of being a good neighbour is a noble trait, and Allah (SWT) promises its reward in this world and in the hereafter.
Second, Allah (SWT) holds us accountable to interact with and serve our neighbours in a gentle way that reflects the true and genuine spirit of Islam. In doing so, it promotes a positive relationship and fosters a sense of community. We must also care for our neighbours as they have rights on us. Therefore, we should visit them when they are sick, be supportive in their hardships, and look out for their property and belongings. We should be considerate of our neighbours when we go about our everyday lives, and we hope that they respond with the same kindness, InshAllah.

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