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Our Youth The Key to Success

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Dr. Muhammad Saeed Hawwa
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  • Our Youth The Key to Success
  • Our Youth The Key to Success
  • Our Youth The Key to Success
  • Our Youth The Key to Success

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Our Youth The Key to Success


The future of any nation is dependent on its youth. Their enthusiasm, sharp intellects and vibrant strength renders them capable of playing the most critical roles in life. Through the youth, a nation's glory will continue for generations to come. The leading nations of today have wisely acknowledged the significance of this matter and used it to their advantage. Any nation that properly deals with its youth, has surely taken a great step towards a bright and successful future. In modern times, the Muslim nation is experiencing a major crisis. Although the Qur'an and Sunnah have outlined for us the path to glory and success, our nation has ceased to unite upon a resolution. The problems have intensified and the numerous challenges are quite immense. Being that our youth are a vital element to our success, they must be at the forefront of any resolution to the current crisis.

The Qur'an and Sunnah have clearly indicated the unique nature that youth possess. The two sources of guidance have shed light on the most effective methodology of youth development. Through the ample youth-related stories the Qur'an has mentioned, we shall come to realize this unique methodology. Through the living example of greatest Prophet, Prophet Muhammad (sws), we will see how youth should practically be dealt with. With the enlightenment of the Qur'an and Sunnah, let's work together on reviving our nation. Hand in hand, we will convey the final message of guidance to humanity

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