Tafsir Ibn Kathir : Abridged : 30th Part

Tafsir Ibn Kathir : Abridged : 30th Part

The Lawful and Prohibited in Islam

The Lawful And Prohibited In Islam

Astrophysics and the Holy Quran
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Astrophysics and the Holy Quran

We are living now-a-days in the age of science. The intelligent human beings want to know: - Where did they come from? - Where did the universe come from? - Will the universe come to an end? - Is the universe static or dynamic, if dynamic, is it expanding or contracting? - What is time? - When was it started? - Will it come to an end? - What are black holes? - What are the forces of nature? - What is the smalliest piece of matter? - What is the status of man in the universe? - Are there ultimate limits for human beings to know about something?
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