Quran Research Topics

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Hamza Muhammad Dakka
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Research Quranie Topics is a twin book- based on my previous book: Family Members in Holy Quran Verses - which looks mainly at Close Family Members Quran Verses, while in this book, I am researching Quran Verses specific Important Topics while keeping the Family Members Verses and Translations as they are at the first half of this book.
By doing so, reader can have more Scholar Translations of same Verse.
Default Translation of first book was Saheeh International, while the second part of this book (nearly half the book) is of Hilali & Khan. Also used in handful number of cases Pickhtal Translation, and on same number of
cased Arabic Al- Jalalayn-which I normally use for my Arabic book translation- They lived around the year 1500 (after the death of Jala Al-Mahalli, another Scolar- Jalal Al-Suyuti continues/completed the book), having said that, any scholar can get it wrong occasionally, but it is advisable to stick to a Scholars who spent all their lives researching Islamic topics.
In current/recent years, there is no clear and famous Scholars in the Muslim world due to interference from their governments as well as from foreign powers, Qaradawi - who died recently, was a distinct scholar, and while he was considered semi-extremist, US approached him to dampen Taliban approach to Indian temple, and to dampen Palestinian resistance attack against the Israeli occupation of their land having the backing of UN resolutions.
For Inheritance we know that male gets same as two female, but that can be higher depending on different situation examples are many here whether those sisters from same parents or one from different father, whether the father is married to more than one wife, etc. Quran is giving us many such verses and one can wonder why same number of people gets different share, for that reason I mentioned Calala whereby Al- Nisaa Sura 4, Verse 12 is different to verse 176.

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