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Sickness, Regulations & Exhortations
Sickness, Regulations & Exhortations

SKU:9781891229787 Pages:296 Year of Publication:2003 Size cm: 18x24 Binding: Soft Cover Weight: 770.0000 mg Author: Muhammad Bin Mustafa Al-JIbaly Publisher: Al-Kitaab & As-Sunnah


Product Description

Sickness, Regulations & Exhortations


This book is the first in the series. It deals with sickness, which continues to afflict human beings from birth until death. Sickness strikes as light as a simple cold or allergy and as hard as a plague or cancer. It keeps the human being under check, reminding him of his weakness and giving him a chance to turn to the One who possesses to afflict and cure. This book deals with sickness, its regulations, and lessons associated with it. It presents the Islamic stand toward a number of modern medical issues, and also discusses important regulations relating to those with disabilities.


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This book is part of the Inevitable Journey Series, a 4-book series dealing with the inevitable journies including human ailments, death, the intermediate life in al-Barzakh, and sleep & dreams.


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