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Tafseer Sooratin Naba / تفسیرسورۃ النباء
Tafseer Sooratin Naba / تفسیرسورۃ النباء

SKU:9780956355003 Pages:123 Size cm: 21x29 Cm Binding: Soft Cover Weight: 350.0000 mg Author: Aboo Talha Dawood Publisher: Sharhus-Sunnah


Product Description

Tafseer Sooratin-Naba / تفسیرسورۃ النباء

SL: 07

This is the first book in a series presenting extracts from the dependable Tafseers, beginning with Tafseer (explanation) of the Soorahs of the last section (juz) of the Qur'aan.

The intent behind this series is to provide an aid to understanding the Book of ALLAH-the Most High, in light of its importance in the life of the Muslim, and because of the scarcity of works of Tafseer in the English Language.

Ibn Taymiyyah said whilst in prison:
'' ALLAH has opened up for me this time, regarding meanings of the Qur'aan and fundamentals of knowledge, such things that many of the scholars would wish to attain, and I have come to regret having used up most of my time on other than the meanings of the Qur'aan''.

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