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The Declaration of Faith
The Declaration Of  Faith

SKU:9782987459330 Pages:78 Year of Publication:1998 Size cm: 15X21 Binding: Soft Cover Weight: 150.0000 mg Author: Sheikh Saalih Ibn Fawzan al-Fawzan Publisher: Message Of Islam


Product Description

The Declaration of Faith

SL: 03DL2

Indeed, it is a declaration that the Muslims proclaim in their daily lives.

The book’s discussion concerning the declaration of لآاله الله encompasses the following points:
- It's status in the life of a Muslim
- It's virtues and excellence
- It's lexical analysis
- It's pillars
- It's conditions
- It's meaning and requirements
- When it benefits the one who says it and when iy does not
- It's effects upon the individual and the society

Adapted from the Author's introduction.

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