Al Mujahadah The struggle against the soul

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Muhammad Ibn Saalih Bin'Uthaymeen
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Al Mujahadah The struggle against the soul

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In other words, there is nothing more beloved to Allah that draws the believer close to him than the obligatory duties. In plain language, the obligatory acts are dearer to Allah than the nawafil acts. For example, the five mandated daily prayers are dearer to Allah than the Night Prayer. Fasting the month of Ramadan is cherished more by Allah than fasting on Mondays and Thursdays or the Six Days of Shawwal.[p.13] In reality, a lot of time eludes us without our having benefited from it. Nor, do we bring benefit to others. And what's worse, we do not regret it until death is upon us. It is at this moment that the human being ardently desires to be given another opportunity-even if it's only an instant.[p.20] Every hadith that says, he who does such and such deed will be forgiven his past and future sins is a weak hadith. because this pre-forgiveness is one of the special favors bestowed upon the Messenger of Allah.[p.26]

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