Arabic Master - Learn Arabic through stories with Online Audio

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Mohammed Nadir
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Arabic Master - Learn Arabic through stories with Online Audio

The book is a result of over seven years experience in teaching Arabic for none native speakers, composed to make learning Arabic simple and enjoyable. It is designed for both adults and children who want to learn the language from scratch or wish to improve their Arabic. Main features: Explains Arabic as a language, using a new approach, rather than as a subject consisting of a group of rules and phrases which students tend to forget after a short while. Basic foundations of Arabic,أساسيات العربية , such as alphabet shapes, sounds , diacritics and essential rules are covered by the book Uses the stories as a tool to help understand the structure of the language. The stories suit all ages and are written in Standard Arabic ,عربية فصحى سهلة , with simple and everyday words. It uses coloured diacritic marks, for the first time in Arabic books , حركات تشكيل ملونة, to make reading simple and accurate After each story there are exercises with examples,تمارين مع أمثلة , to help recall and use the new words. English translation of all words in the stories and exercises are provided in a dictionary,قاموس لترجمة الكلمات , at the back of this book. Arabic-English online dictionary for the book is also provided. Audio script for all stories,نص صوتي للقصص , is available on line.

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