Fiqh of Combining the Salaah

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Shaykh Mashoor Salman
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Fiqh of Combining the Salaah

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I gathered in this book the ruling that are related to combining the salaah due to the persistent need and the great importance of knowing this topic. Thus I write it in such a manner that befits the people of the present time even though they may be differing levels with regards to knowledge and understanding. I have chosen not to restrict the rulings that are within this book to the methodology of one particular school of thought thereby limiting the people to that one thought. I have verified and stated the grade of ahadeeth that are mentioned herein. 'And what good are ahadeeth that the authentic and the weak are both mixed up and you cannot distinguish between the two and you do not investigate about the one who it is narrated by. Taken from the Author's introduction. About the Author Shayhk Mashoor Salman was born in Palestine in the year 1380 Hijri (1960 C.E.). He was brought up in a religious family who made hijra to Jordan and settled in Amman in the year 1967. The shaykh was greatly influenced by the great scholars such as Shakhul-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah and the noble student, the A'alim, the rabbanee, the second Shaykhul-Islam Ibn Qayyim Al-Jaziyyah. He was also greatly influenced by many of his teachers, whether they were those whom he studied with formally or those whom he sat with at knowledge gatherings. From amongst the most famous of them : Al-Allaamah. Ash-Shaykh, Al-Muhaddith Muhammed Nasirudeen Al-Albanee and the shaykh, the faqeeh, Mustafa Az-Zurqaa.

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