Gateway To Arabic Verb Conjugation Flashcards (Set Three)

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Dr. Imran Hamza Alawayie
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Gateway To Arabic Verb Conjugation Flashcards (Set Three)

This pack of flashcards contains 45 double-sided cards in full colour, each measuring 210 by 140 mm. The pack has been designed to help students of Arabic master the intricacies of conjugating all the major groups of triliteral verbs from Form VII to Form XIII, including: • Sound pure verbs (regular verbs formed from three sound root letters that do not vary throughout the verb conjugation) • Doubled root letter verbs (verbs that have identical second and third root letters) • Hollow verbs (verbs that have a weak second root letter) • Defective verbs with a weak first root letter (waw or ya) • Defective verbs with a weak third root letter (alif, ya or alif al-maqsura) • Hamzated verbs (verbs that have hamza as the first, second or third root letter) • Split complex verbs (verbs that have weak first and third root letters) • Adjacent complex verbs (verbs that have weak second and third root letters). The pack also includes templates for conjugating quadriliteral verbs in Forms I, II, III and IV, as well as an overview of passive verb formation. A two-sided template has been provided for each verb group, enabling the learner to see the pattern of the verb in the past and present tenses, the jussive and subjunctive moods, as well as the imperative forms. Colour coding has been used to highlight the gender differences across the verb patterns. An index of the verbs conjugated on the templates in this pack is included for ease of reference.


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