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The Salafi Methodology
The Salafi Methodology

SKU:9782987458180 Pages:136 Year of Publication:2010 Size cm: 15x21 Binding: Soft Cover Weight: 175.0000 mg Author: Dr. Muhammad Ibn Umar Bazmul Publisher: Sunnah Publishing Shelf Location:10B


Product Description

The Salafi Methodology


This is a book that was written concerning the Salafi methodology, its definition, distinct characteristics and its call towards rectification.

I have compiled it to include three primary objectives and a conclusion.

The First Objective:
The definition of the Salafi Methodology, its principles, the ruling concerning adhering to it and the mention of its virtue.

The Second Objective:
The distinguishing characteristics of the Salafi methodology.

The Third Objective:
The way to achieve rectification according to the people of the Sunnah and the Jama'ah.

The Conclusion:
Words of some of the imams pertaining to adhering to the sunnah and learning the religion.

Taken from Sheikh Muhammad Bazmul’s introduction.

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