The Tracing Quran ( The Blessed Chapters ) Word By Word Translation ( Soft Cover )

ibn daud
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Ibn Daud Books
Ibn Daud
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Soft Cover
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Ibn Daud Books are delighted to present to you 'Blessed Chapters of the 'Tracing Qur'an Series'.

In this Series, pretty much anybody with the enthusiasm to pick up a pen will be able to unearth the inner workings of the Qur'an and its deeper treasures.


Through tracing the verses, they will gain the tools to appreciate the Qur'an and its teachings in a lasting personal way. In a detailed yet simple manner, the enthusiast will also gain an understanding of the Qur'an as they trace; Ibn Daud Books have included a comprehensive translation alongside a word-for-word translation.


The virtues of each chapter, largely drawn from Qur'anic verses and authentic ahādīth (Prophetic sayings), have also been included to help strengthen one's faith and connection with the Book of Allah.


Practice sheets and checklists are provided to help the user track their progress and make solid preparations towards creating their own beautiful copy of each of the 'Blessed Chapters'.


This is a stimulating journey, and its starting point rests on using the pen, the very instrument that Allah Almighty places centrally in His first Revelation to the Prophet Muhammad:

"Read: Your Lord is most Generous, He who taught by the pen, taught man that which he knew not." [Al-Alaq 96:3-5)

In using 'The Tracing Qur'an' methodology, we can give the pen its rightful position as a medium of peace and guidance.


As Anas ibn Malik used to tell his son: "O my son! Secure knowledge by writing." [Al-Hakim 361] so it will be that a certain security of knowledge and lasting sense of reward will come to all who join us in this subtle and splendid hands-on engagement with the timeless truths and miracles of the Blessed Qur'an.

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