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The Tree Of Faith
The Tree Of Faith

SKU:9781898649656 Pages:95 Size cm: 16x21 Binding: S/C Weight: 180.0000 mg Author: Al-Allamah Abdur-Rahman Al-Saadi Publisher: Al-Hidaayah


Product Description

The Tree Of Faith

SL: 02AL1

Allah, the Exalted says,
"Do you not see how Allah sets forth a metaphor of a good word: a good tree whose roots are firm and whose branches are in the sky? It bears fruit all the time by its Lord's permission. Allah sets forth metaphors for people so that hopefully they will pay heed." (Surah Ibrahim (14):24-25).

Allah has likened the statement of faith, which is the best of statements, with a tree that is the best of trees bearing these noble characteristics. Its roots are firm, it is always growing and maturing and it bears fruit all the time, directing is numerous benefits and delectable fruits to its owner and others.

This tree varies greatly in the hearts of the believers, changing in accordance to the variation of the qualities that Allah has described it with. Therefore it is upon the servant to hasten towards acquiring knowledge about it, its descriptions, that which leads to its existence and potency, its roots and its branches. It is upon him to expend his efforts in actualizing this tree in terms of knowledge and action for indeed his portion of goodness and success, happiness in this life and the Hereafter, is dependent upon the extent to which this tree (is implanted in the heart.

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