Explanation of The introduction to Sahih Muslim(Muqadimmah Sahih Muslim)

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Imam an Nawawi
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Explanation of The introduction to Sahih Muslim(Muqadimmah Sahih Muslim)

Proofreading and Formatting (Cover design by Strictly Sunnah Design). Original text by Imam Muslim and explained by Imam an-Nawawi, Translated by Abdullah Omran. June 2016. Creed Publishing Company.


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    In-Depth Book on the Foundations of Hadith Narrations and Who to Seek Knowledge From

    Ayman Ilham on Jan 12th 2023

    For those that wish to get a taste of the pinnacle of authorships by the illustrious Imam Nawawi (regarded as the best explanation of Sahih Muslim) in the English Language, this book presents you a translation of a slice of that very explanation, specifically surrounding the Introductory chapter of the Sahih. Of course, the Introduction of Sahih Muslim in itself is a crucial treatise clarifying the methodology Imam Muslim embarked upon in compilation of his Sahih, which leads to the very foundations of narrating hadith and its sciences. The most common theme throughout this Introduction are the numerous narrations warning against lying upon the Prophet (ﷺ), which itself is the very core from which all the sciences of hadith and manhaj revolve around. Imam Nawawi with his explanation, added more depth to these benefits that Imam Muslim put together, allowing the reader to gain a more in-depth understanding of not just the narrations themselves, but also brief biographies of some of the narrators to familiarise the reader with the chains of narration. This publication in particular presents the intertwining text (Muslim) and explanation (Nawawi) in a way that flows seamlessly, such that any English speaker can easily read and benefit from cover to cover. Overall, you get an excellent book clarifying the fundamentals of both hadith sciences and knowing who you can (or cannot) take knowledge from, such that you have a better understanding on the measures taken to ensure the correct understanding of the religion was preserved after the Prophet (ﷺ) died. The sheer depth you get in this book crams the knowledge of a larger compendium into a modest sub-200-page paperback binding, making it a valuable asset for every English Islamic library.

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